A comprehensive analysis of WordPress popularity

Feb 15 2019

The popularity of WordPress themes – a comprehensive analysis

WordPress popular CMS has been ruling the internet world for 15 years now. A huge percentage of the present internet is run by WordPress and is widely known for its easy accessibility. WordPress market share currently holds nearly 60% proportions of the entire global market of content management systems and has been the most popular choice among all the market contenders 7 years consistently. Some of the famous bodies such as TED, New York Observer, Spotify, Fortune.com, CNN, NBC, and many others are known to use WordPress for their business.

Popular WordPress theme options are gaining an increasing preference in the market and more than 500 new websites are being launched on a daily basis on the WordPress systems. Hundred of the top websites across the entire world are powered by WordPress and the statistics can be as high as 14.7%. Coming to seconds, 17 posts on an average are published through the WordPress sites throughout the internet. The Google searcher accounts to over 37 million counts for WordPress related keywords on a monthly basis. The keyword ‘WordPress’ self hits around a 3 million mark each month when it comes to the search engine results on Google. Nearly 20,000,000 websites in the present internet world are run entirely by the usage of WordPress themes.

How popular is WordPress?

Let us look into some of the most prominent market statistics to determine the popularity of WordPress user statistics. Below mentioned are some of the key figures.

  • Technorati considered the top 100 blogs on the web and found that 8% of them are managed using the WordPress CMS.
  • WordPress is used by 22,111 of the leading 100k websites on the internet.
  • Nearly 300,000 websites in the list of the leading 1 million websites are run on WordPress setups.
  • The count of downloads for the non-English version of WordPress exceeded the count for the English version in 2014 for the first time.
  • More than 1/5th of the newly setup domains in the United States market depend on WordPress popular CMS themes and templates.
  • Among all the leading CMS in the world, WordPress has a lot more popularity ranging up to 12 times that of Drupal in many countries including India.
  • US-based users revealed statistics in a 2014 data study that 50% of them preferred using WordPress and just 17% of the users had a liking for Drupal. Joomla just managed to secure 6.44% of the fans from the entire market.

What are the reasons for this widespread popularity of WordPress CMS?

There are a lot of reasons that contribute to the rising demand for popular WordPress theme options in the market. Some of the most common ones include:

Quick response time

It hardly takes a little over 150 days on an average for WordPress to release the major versions. WordPress still has the highest count of running software platforms that support its huge base of websites. That means the websites that would otherwise have turned obsolete are still working great on WordPress platforms. Despite the progress of technological innovation, only 22% of the current websites are run on the latest WordPress software versions.

Easy to use

Editing and customizing themes on the WordPress CMS is very easy and straightforward. It is possible to change the appearance any way you like and get the style that suits your purpose. This provides you with the freedom to be your own designer and most even come with demo features to let the users know what they can expect of the offer they are considering.

Responsive design

Since Google’s announcements of giving priority to websites with responsive design, it has been one of the leading demands among all website owners. Most of the WordPress user statistics also confirm the responsive design themes and templates to be responsible for the increasing popularity of this CMS in the global market. Frequent updates and consistent after sales support by the developing team is one of the biggest reasons for the increasing popularity of this content management system.

Requires minimal coding skill

As most of the premium/free themes and templates are optimally designed for easy customizability, users do not require expert coding knowledge to use them. That means even the amateurs can use these systems with great efficiency without the requirement of hiring professional experts every time they run across an issue. It also comes with a lot of comment lines to make things simpler for those who want to understand the coding.

Multiple counts of officially translated versions

WordPress offers 56 translated versions of the contents. By far, that is one of the biggest counts that any of the CMS has for the clients in their present market. It has earned even more popularity among non-English users over the past few years.

The WordPress market share currently has the leading responsibility of the maximum portions of websites operating in the present market. It is expected to become even more popular in the coming times and take over the shares of the other leading CMS as well. It has a lot of free and premium themes on offer by in-house as well as third-party developers that have earned quite a fame in the market. You can research more to find out about them.