Building a Real Estate Website? Consider These Awesome WordPress Themes!

Jul 11 2018

Whether you are a web developer with a real estate or property professional client or a real estate specialist looking to build your own DIY website, you probably want a site made especially for the industry. Perhaps your ideal website would be low cost, powerful, easy to work with, flexible to customize and great to look at.


Well, theme factory Fortune Creations have taken all of these factors into account when creating their range of affordable, hand-crafted real estate WordPress themes and HTML 5/CSS 3 templates. With plenty of options in the $14 to $45 dollar range, there’s sure to be something for every realtor, resort sales business or property letting firm.

Read this article to find out exactly what is so special about these eye-catching and fully customizable designs.

How Fortune Creations Can Make your Life Easier

Dealing in the best real estate wordpress themes is exciting but can also be stressful at times. Fortune Creations WordPress themes and HTML 5/CSS 3 templates are designed to ease the load by simplifying the content creation, speeding up the installation process and enabling tight integration with powerful industry tools.

A user-friendly visual content composer (worth $34 on its own) is included free with all themes and templates which mean there is no huge learning curve to climb when it comes to content creation. You or your client will soon be confident enough to post industry updates or upload property details as soon as you get them, beating your competitors to market.

The themes and templates themselves are simple to install with a single click and industry-specific plugins such as WP Quick Booking and dsIDXpress make tasks such as booking visits and automated property listings a cinch.

By slashing the time taken to carry out routine operations, realtors and other property professionals get more time to spend building rapport with clients and closing deals.

Flexibility at the Core of our Themes

When people read the term ‘theme’ and ‘template’ it can translate to ‘cookie-cutter’ or ‘boilerplate’ but this is certainly not the case with Fortune Creations WordPress themes and HTML 5/CSS 3 templates.

For a start, all themes offer different page options. Do you or your client prefer the traditional multi-page website layout or the popular single page parallax design? This is where all content is included in one scrolling page with different panels scrolling at different rates to create a contemporary feeling.

How about revolution sliders? These are website elements which contain multiple images on a loop and can be used to showcase properties or signpost content. Sliders can be set to auto-scroll or be manually cycled through. All Fortune Creations themes and templates come with free revolution sliders (worth $19). Of course, if you prefer static content, you don’t have to use the sliders. Another useful feature included in all themes and templates is a sortable photo gallery which can be divided into two or three columns as preferred.

With scalable vector icons, generous shortcut options and unlimited Google Web Fonts and colour variations there is no excuse for any real estate or resort sales website to look anything like another one.

Not Just a Pretty Face

Of course, there are plenty of attractive websites and real estate responsive website templates out there which look great but do very little. These would be unsuitable for realtors and other property professionals who need a tool which can make their work easier.

Fortunately, this is exactly what Fortune Creations WordPress themes and HTML 5/CSS 3 templates are built for. Take, for example, the free WP Quick Booking plugin (usually $25). If you are letting a resort or single property, you can easily manage the booking process via this plugin and integrate with PayPal for receiving online payments.

If customers are viewing properties or booking their vacation, they will appreciate clear directions. This is why our themes and templates also include Google Maps integration, presenting a familiar interface to the end-user.

Members of multiple listing services (MLS) will be delighted to know that our themes and templates are fully dsIDXpress ready. They are also adapted for a global marketplace by being RTL (right-to-left languages) and WPML ready (WPML is a powerful WordPress plugin for building multi-lingual sites).

Many property professionals (and most of their customers) will use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to access online content. All Fortune Creations themes and templates are fully responsive to cater for this. Responsive websites are designed to look just as good (if not better) on a mobile device as it would on a desktop or laptop. They will also offer a similar level of functionality with all of the important pages and functions accessible regardless of device format.


Fortune Creations themes are also Retina-ready which means they are fully compatible with Retina display devices for the ultimate visual experience. Some of the further benefits which developers and property professionals can look forward to with Fortune Creations themes include fast, SEO-friendly code, professional post-sale support, comprehensive video documentation and the original Photoshop image files (worth $12).

Taking the Next Step

If you haven’t done so already, you can access a live demo of all Fortune Creations themes by clicking on the theme of interest and selecting the Live Demo button. This will give you a preview of the overall look and feel of the theme as well as allowing you to interact with buttons, menus and other UX elements. You can, of course, completely customize the theme once you have purchased it to fit your or your clients’ branding and design preferences.



Some of the real estate specific themes currently available include the CityEstate, PrimeVilla, TimeShare, DreamVilla and DreamHouse themes. As already mentioned, these themes also offer multiple different page layout options and these can be selected and trialled on the Live Demo pages.

Once you have selected a theme for your needs, you can purchase the theme from our chosen theme marketplace by clicking the buy button. And that’s it. You are now ready to build a real estate website worthy of your most distinguished clients.