How to Get your Business Online Quickly Through the NEXA WordPress Theme

Jul 10 2018

Every minute you delay getting your business online is a minute of lost opportunity!

It makes little difference whether you are a freelancer, performance artist, head of an NGO or CEO of a corporation, today’s economy demands you have a strong online presence.

The good news is that powerful open source Content Management Systems (CMS) are making it easier and more affordable than ever to build professional-grade websites. At the same time, quality templates designers like Fortune Creations are honing their skills to produce the most amazing visually stunning and user-friendly websites for every industry and niche interest under the sun.

5 Quick Steps to Creating your Online Business with WordPress and Fortune Creations

You will also need to pay somebody to store your website’s files on a public server (a web host). Your web host should probably be someone different from your domain name provider.

  1. Purchase a Domain Name and Web Hosting. Your domain name is your unique identifier on the Internet. For example, our domain name is
  2. Install WordPress. This can usually be done easily in your hosting admin panel or your web host can sort it out for you. WordPress (WP) is a very popular CMS as it is free, open source (free to edit) and contains the option to download themes and plugins to alter the look and functionality of the basic design. This is where Fortune Creations comes in!
  3. Choose a suitable template. We recommend you consider the NEXA range of templates from Fortune Creations. See the next section!
  4. Customize template. Some templates are more restricted than others. NEXA templates give you a high degree of flexibility, enabling you to easily change the look and feel of your website via the WordPress customization menu. You can fine-tune your website further by adding plugins; these are native or third-party programs which add specific functions to the WP platform. For example, the NEXA Joy template includes a plugin especially for making online bookings.
  5. Promote and maintain. A website can quickly go out of date if it isn’t kept up to date. This includes updating the software itself (WP and plugins can be easily updated from your admin panel) and ensuring content is kept fresh (a blog is a great way to stay engaged with your clients or audience).

You will also need to think about how to promote your website. Online advertising (e.g. PPC and social media ads) are very popular but don’t forget to consider more traditional avenues such as leaflets, direct mail campaigns and newspaper ads.

Some NEXA themes (e.g. NEXA Joy and NEXA Build) come with email newsletter integration via MailChimp, a well-known industry leader in email marketing technology.

How to Choose the NEXA Template for you

For your convenience, we have provided you with two pathways for selecting exactly the right NEXA template to reflect your personal portfolio, charity brand or business identity.

The first option is the familiar DIY route. You can simply browse through the prebuilt templates one by one, reading through the descriptions and trying out the free live demos for yourself until you arrive at the option which is best suited to your needs. All themes are fully customizable so don’t think you are stuck with colors, fonts or layouts you don’t like – these can all be changed.

This manual method is cumbersome for some, especially if they are indecisive by nature. In this case, we offer our handy ‘Smart System.’ This contains a set of simple questions covering areas such as business type, product or service details, and industry sector. From this information we can provide you with one or more suitable themes, saving you from the time-consuming trial and error method.

The Benefits of NEXA Templates

Before looking at some of the differences between the NEXA templates, there are a number of benefits which are shared by them all. These include:

Responsive design. Built using the Bootstrap framework, all NEXA templates are designed to be ‘mobile first,’ reflecting the current popularity of mobile devices. However, NEXA templates are fully responsive meaning they will automatically adapt to fit any screen size.

Cross-browser compatibility. NEXA templates are designed to work with all of the major web browsers including Internet Explorer (9, 10 and 11), Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome.

Detailed documentation. Setting up your NEXA template on WordPress will be refreshingly simple thanks to the effort Fortune Creations has put into writing the product documentation. We also offer one-month professional support to help resolve any teething problems you may experience.

Retina ready. NEXA templates are compatible; with Retina display devices. These provide a high-resolution image whereby the human eye is unable to distinguish separate pixels.

There are many more shared benefits to be discovered with NEXA templates but if you need some help narrowing your search, here is further guidance:

Choosing NEXA Templates for Profiles and Portfolios

If you are a freelancer, sportsperson, artist, consultant or another type of professional who tends to operate as an individual, the NEXA Lead, and NEXA Inspire templates are most suitable for you. Choose from a traditional multi-page website or a contemporary one-page scrolling design.

Choosing NEXA Templates for Products and Businesses

If your main purpose in going online is to showcase your products and services, NEXA Pride caters to your needs. Add your product description, display its features and benefits and make it available for sale.

For traditional businesses or corporations, NEXA Build may be the wisest choice. This template makes it easy to add your ideas, goals, achievements, progress, products, team profiles and more.

Be Ready for Business for Under $50

All NEXA templates cost just $45 which includes installation on to WordPress (within a week), one month’s support, all PSD files and extra features such as Revolution sliders (usually $29 alone), scalable SVG graphics, Google Web Fonts, Font Awesome icons and much more.

Fortune Creations also offer several ways to earn a discount off the template prices. For example, both sharing templates via social media and subscribing to our newsletter will earn your 50 NEXA Cash points, the equivalent of $2 savings.

Hopefully, you now have all the information you need to go forward in confidence and put your business in front of your clients without further delay.