Top VC extensions for WordPress sites

Apr 02 2019

Visual Composer Extension serves as one of the most essential components for WordPress websites. It attracts and aids the users with the ultimate experience and thus works to promote business. Below mentioned are the top 10 WordPress extensions for the visual composer.

1 ThePlus Add-ons for Visual Composer

This WordPress visual composer extension works to represent the extensive collection of the latest templates and elements that anyone may need. It is a complete toolset that can provide any admin with a huge range of opportunities to develop multiple elements of a website without much requirement of professional skills and knowledge of web development. It comes with over 50 elements along with a wide range of options for fine tuning for each of the elements.

2 Premium WPBakery Page Builder Extensions and Add-ons

It is the combination of all the best page builder extensions for WordPress site that can simplify the task of any website owner. It works to bring back the long-forgotten themes of WordPress back to life and works to bring in a remarkable experience in terms of design, use, and accessibility.

3 Kaswara – Modern Visual Composer Add-ons

The Kaswara visual composer extension for WordPress is the most comprehensive option a useful kit that any site owner can come across. It allows the owners to depend on different predesigned shortcodes and samples for the pages. Also, it allows the users to come up with their own unique design using the brilliant tool through the dashboard of the WordPress administrator.

4 Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder

This visual composer extension WordPress option allows the users to integrate the numerous functionalities and aid in the better building of faster web design. Ultimate care has been taken to select the elements of these plugin add-ons with a special focus on the uniqueness of the features, demands of the users as well as its usability – for both the user interface and user experience. Overall, this extension can work a lot to simplify the management task of WordPress Site owners to great extents.

5 Massive Add-ons for Visual Composer

If you are in search of a complete visual composer extension for WordPress, this is the option for you to consider. This extension provides the users with a wide range of useful tools that comes with over 1700 presets, 70 different shortcodes, 35 templates for multiple pages, 5000 different customization settings, and elaborate video tutorials. Users can go for a deeper exploration using their blog or WordPress site using this extension.

6 CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

As the name suggests, it is one of the best responsive visual composer plugin options you can get for your WordPress website. Building elements such as tables and other features have never been so easy. It does not require you to be an expert in coding CSS3 commands as the extension have been developed from QuanticaLabs and that means most of the tasks have already been taken care of on your behalf. It is ideal for startups as well as freelancers and small business owners.

7 Unlimited Add-ons Mega Bundle For Visual Composer

This visual composer extension WordPress option comes with over 500 different add-on options that can allow the users to extend the multiple functionalities of WordPress Visual Composer alongside helping them to save a lot of funds. This is because it allows huge savings on the bundle purchase of add-on tools that would have taken in a lot of costs if the purchase was to be made separately for each item.

8 Interactive World Maps

This visual composer extension works to incorporate Google Maps into the ultimate extents in your web designs. It allows the usage of the entire planet maps on the designs of your pages. It can further be divided into sections for continents, countries or more precisely to the states of the US. It is very helpful for those working with contents that have relation to the United States of America.

9 Templatera – Template Manager for Visual Composer

It is one of the latest additions to the list of visual composer extension for WordPress. It allows the users to develop elements that function universally to post on any blog or web page on WordPress sites. The best advantage of this option is the edit feature that it provides even for the elements that have already been created once. The edits will automatically be incorporated into the pages where the elements have been used.

10 Testimonial Showcase – WordPress Plugin

It is one of the most important sections of a webpage that can help you to improve the authenticity of your WordPress site and establish its credential, capabilities and customer satisfaction. It is one of the top choices especially for e-commerce websites but can be used for other websites as well. Startups and freelancers consider it to be the most effective way to establish their online presence and work towards boosting their progress at much faster rates.

But these are not the only add-ons for visual composers. You can research for a lot of other extensions available for WordPress sites and find something that more specifically suits your demands. You can even choose on the free add-ons if you do not want to invest much in the premium options.