Topmost technologies to use while designing a competitive website

Jan 30 2019

Latest Technologies For Competitive Website Design

Designing a competitive website is one of the latest demands in the world of digital marketing. This is especially because of the increased dependence of the present business owners to enjoy the ultimate exposure to the global market. But just having a website is not enough anymore because the rise of business competition is not limited to the physical market at present. Increased counts of businessmen are also turning to web designers to help them in the process of gaining a competitive edge over their rivals. This has forced the web designers to seek out to technological innovations that can aid them to create the best website designs to beat the market competition. Some of the latest technologies to help in the designing process of a competitive website have been discussed below.

Web Components

It is one of the topmost technologies for WordPress website that the web designers are using to make their projects compact, simpler and easier to use. These are nothing but the advanced elements developed on the basis of the HTML5 technological innovation which in complement with the aid from the standard committee of W3C setup. These elements aid the web designers to create the components with the aim of allowing the use of multiple features of a dynamic page.

Thus you can get a competitive edge over the rest of the websites in the market. It includes the elements of the image slider, the option of drop-down menus as well as ready to use tabbed widgets. All that is required by the designers to create a full drop-down menu is using a tag specialized to serve the drop-down purpose or anything that can be similar to the context.



Using the technology of web components has brought in a lot of help in designing the projects in real time. Though it is yet to gain increased popularity, this WordPress web app technology is turning out to be one of the prime components that a web designer is required to be familiar around. This is necessary to keep them prepared to use it before it becomes a mandate in the industry.


Top WordPress technologies have made web designing tasks much simpler and even the beginners can now opt to design efficient websites without much difficulty. But it is turning out to be a necessity for web designers to know about Polymer – one of the latest WordPress technology options for a better experience of WordPress site development. The polymer is nothing but a library that works to ease out the task of designing and developing the website when the designer sets his mind to start working with the API components of web elements. The best part is the provision of pre-built components that can be easily incorporated to bring in multiple unique features to any WordPress site. The most common ones include widgets for various tasks such as displaying Google Maps, video graphics and even image sliders. The primary motive of this technological innovation is to provide a supporting pillar for the facilities that can be interchanged.


This helps the web designers to design out their own unique widgets on the basis of the before-mentioned technology of Web Components API. Having a firm knowledge of this technology can help web designers to become more adept in the efficient completion of the projects.


Artificial intelligence has been strictly on the rise and now, it has turned to be one of the latest technologies of designing websites – be it on WordPress or any other CMS on the internet. It can not only help the users to make faster deliveries but also work to reduce the count of unintentional mistakes that may come up due to manual processes.

Using the technology of automation allows users to boost their productivity, be more confident about their work and provide their clients with the top quality designs to satiate their demands. Automation is turning out to be one of the top WordPress technologies in the current market as the inclination towards using artificial intelligence to boost production is increasing in the present market. It is even more essential to those designers who want to come up with the best competitive designs of the websites.


The Gulp is another one of the topmost technologies for the WordPress website that has been recently introduced into the market for designing a competitive website.

The significance it holds is much more when it comes to the completion of the web projects within short time frames. Gulp is one of the best ways to conveniently automate out the tasks that can bore you out. It will also help in the better designing of a more efficient website. It becomes easy for the web designers and developers to integrate the Sass components into the CSS framework. It also works to refresh the pages on an automatic basis and keeps on adding the templates into the codes of the designer once the desired changes have been made to the structure.

Owning a competitive website is not limited to just these. Having an accelerated mobile page can also help the business owners to stand ahead in the competition. Developing a progressive web app can also be an efficient option to consider, especially since Google’s announcement to pay more credibility to websites with responsive designs.